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Pick wlw movies that decide what piercing fits you

Pick some wlw (woman loving woman) titles, that decide a piercing that fits you. Just for fun, don't take it too seriously. (This took me like 2 hours why-)
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What Piercing Should You Have?

Just a simple lil thing, determining what piercing you should havebased off of your personality c:

What face piercing works for you?

Snakebites, Lip, Tongue, Nose Stud, Nose Ring, Ear, Ear Cartilage, or Eyebrow?

What piercing should you get?

(Because there totally aren't enough of these) Find out what piercing you should think about getting, and if you already have that kind, get another! ((Sorry in advance if this sucks or if your answer makes 0 sense))

what piercing should you get bc im bored (Ears)

MAKE SURE TO DO THESE IN A PIERCING STUDIO!! remember, you can always back out of a piercing if its taking too long. (usual time for a piercing is about 5-10 seconds for the actual piercing part) If they pull out a piercing gun, leave, just no, just ditch the place... (Made by Em/🥀)

What piercings should you have?

^^^^^ Title says it all (: Please only take this if you want piercings! Thank You for taking my Quiz!

What Piercing Should You Get?

Sorry if you don't like your result! You can always take the quiz again to see all the other results. Have fun! :) Some are for just girls and some are for anyone.

What Tattoo/Piercings Should You Get?

Find out what type of tattoo and what kind of piercing you should get! Should you get a lot or just one? Should you get a big tattoo or a small one? Find Out! *PICTURES*

What Ear Piercing Should You Get?

Find out what type of ear piercing you should get! (Do not actually take this quiz, and get that piercing!)

What piercing should you have?

^^Title I made this quiz because I'm trying to convinse my parents to let me get my lip pierced. So this topic kinda gave me an idea. So enjoy! ~IMPORTANT NOTE~ Sorry it's not 100% accurate it's just for fun!

What piercing matches your personality?

Find out what piercing best suits you and your personality?
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