What Sort of Queen Are You?

It's your coronation day! What will it be like? Who will you invite? What food will be served? Tell me and I'll give you an amazing coronation dress to wear and reveal what sort of queen you are! Includes name, kingdom name, look book and summary of what sort of queen you are!👑

Plan Your Dream Wedding; Get a Wedding Theme

All in the title baby. Also this quiz is mainly geared toward a feminine audience but there are wlw choices! btw it was so hard to find pictures that matched the actual aesthetic, so forgive me :( Thanks for taking the quiz! Comment if you have any questions or concerns!

What long 'princess' dress would you have?

What long beautiful dress princess dress would you have? Take this quiz and find out! Even though this is mostly for females, anyone can take it! Enjoy, thank you, and have a nice day ❤︎

Pick some styles and find out which princess you are

This is a short quiz. You'll choose some dresses and a tiara.

Your Life as A Princess

Be sure to copy and paste the links from your result into your browser to see each picture. For some reason, it doesn't work if you just click on it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Plan a day as a princess get a princess dress

Basically what it says None of the images are mine, please respect the models and dresses

Are You Susan or Lucy Pevensie, Based on the Dresses You Choose?

Have you ever longed to dress like a Narnian Queen? Do so for a day and discover whether your fashion taste most resembles Susan or Lucy Pevensie! Photographs and artwork are not my own. All images were found on Pinterest.

Your Royal Life (Girls)

Your fantasy world is here! All of the girls always dream about fantasies, princesses, etc. Take this quiz and become an independent princess.

Your Princess Dress?

We all know that every girl has wanted to be a princess at some point in her life, so now you can find out what your dress would be like if you were a princess.

What Gown Would You Wear~

Girls only, sorry boys~ Princess, Queen, Duchess, whatever you are you need a gown~

Your Princess Hair

Since my 'Your Princess Dress' quiz was such a success, I thought I would make a hairstyles quiz to go with it.
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