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Plan Your Dream Wedding; Get a Wedding Theme

All in the title baby. Also this quiz is mainly geared toward a feminine audience but there are wlw choices! btw it was so hard to find pictures that matched the actual aesthetic, so forgive me :( Thanks for taking the quiz! Comment if you have any questions or concerns!

Create an outfit and I'll tell you how your wedding will look like!

How is your outfit, your fashion, hairstyle. And find out when you'll get married and how your wedding will look like! Your shoes, dress, venue, cake and much more! (girls only!) Good Luck! (please don't write about the year of the wedding, cause I have changed it so many times and not gonn...
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Your Perfect Wedding Dress

⤜⋄⊱✦⊰⋄⤛ Ever wondered what your perfect wedding dress would look like? Would it be a ballgown or fishtail? Lace or satin? Pick a few things and find out! Includes your dress, ring, tiara, hair and more!

Which wedding dress would you wear

Just a fun quiz in which wedding dress you get to wear

Design a Fantasy Wedding and get a Fairytale Wedding Dress

Go through the steps to design your fantasy wedding and discover what your fairytale wedding dress looks like. There's loads of dresses in this collection of all colours! You're bound to find something you like! So enjoy and say yes to the dress!

Perfect Wedding

Make your own wedding.

Plan your wedding and I'll give you a dress

This is not really based on science or psychology or anything. Don't be mad if you don't like the dress. This is a sequel to my prom dress quiz!

Pick some aesthetics, I'll give a Wedding dress

Hi! Guys, This is my first quiz with JornalsForLife (www.quotev.com/Blackpink64467) , she is my friend here on Quotev, go follow her and if you had fun go click the like button and follow us byeee.

What’s your wedding dress?

Answer some questions and I’ll give you a wedding dress

Choose an airport fashion and get a song to play on your wedding (Kpop Edition)

Choose an import fashion (various idols) and get a wedding song. If you aren't familiar with it, I also pasted the link. You can always check them out~ Enjoy ^^

What Will Your Dream Wedding Look Like?

This quiz will help you see what your future wedding might look like!

What wedding dress will you have?

My second quiz!!🥰 I hope you guys like it!!❤️❤️

Disney Princess Wedding Quiz!

You are getting married and your bridesmaids are none other than the Disney princesses! Choose a unique bridesmaid dress for each princess to receive a beautiful bridal gown! ♡

My dream wedding

So this is you choosing and aesthetic for your wedding!

Pick a word and I will choose you a wedding dress

Pick one of the choices and I will pick a wedding dress for you.

Answer some questions and get your dream wedding

Answer some questions and get your dream wedding, do my other quizzes as well if you want, enjoy 🥺😊

Your Perfect Wedding!

Just answer a few questions and find out your dream honeymoon!
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