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What is your [royal] aesthetic?

What is your royal aesthetic? This quiz also contains some normal aesthetics so it's basically 'What's your aesthetic?' but I wanted to make this part of my 'Royal Edition'. This is for anyone and everyone! Have fun!
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Your Signature Dress

💕 Ever wondered what your signature dress was? Answer a few simple questions and I'll find you a perfect gown/outfit that'll suit your taste and personality! 💕

What long 'princess' dress would you have?

What long beautiful dress princess dress would you have? Take this quiz and find out! Even though this is mostly for females, anyone can take it! Enjoy, thank you, and have a nice day ❤︎

What's ʏᴏᴜʀ prom wear?

i've never made a colour coordinated quiz before so i can't assure you the accuracy but i tell you i tried my very best to make this one of the best and most fun quizzes ever!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ answer a couple questions with your colour of choice or randomly, to get a pretty little prom dress! | (...

Could you be a model?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a model? If so, take this quiz to find out!

Would You Be Considered Physically Beautiful In Korea?

This is NOT to make anyone feel bad!! Korea's beauty standards are actually something I take issue with - this is in no way to shame you or anything!! This is based on a standard for beauty in women set in Korea.

Pick some stuff and I'll give you a makeup look

Does include wigs. Meant for females but males can do it if they like lipstick, eyeliner, long hair, etc. UvU

make your celebrity instagram

dont know why this took me so long to make lol. answers are arbitrary, this is just for fun! in spired by Emm and 24 365

What's your mermaid hair?

Always wondered what hair you'd have if you were a mermaid? Look no further! 🧜

Make a cartoon version of yourself

I don't own any of the art. All the results are female.

Are you cute, pretty or beautiful?

Look at the title! Do not take this quiz too seriously.

choose some clothes and get a song rec

This was mainly an excuse to just look at cool clothes. Some of the answers are kpop, some aren't, I hope you like it!

Do You Have Good Fashion Sense?

This quiz is just a fun way to look at pretty pictures and see if I think you can throw together an outfit. Have FUN!

What to dye your hair like

First quiz so no hate please :) feel free to judge my second quiz tho. All pictures belong to rightful owners. I have no clue how this quiz is gonna turn out. :)
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