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Find your Alt style/aesthetic

☁️Want to know your alternative style? Check this quiz out! ☁️Has over twenty-five different styles and is updated constantly! ☁️LATEST UPDATE: Grunge, Light Academia, Dark Academia, and Y2K have been added! ✨✨✨✨🌙✨✨✨✨ ☁️Please note that whatever you get is completely valid and you do not have to lik...
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Are you pretty (Girls)

Answer some questions and I will tell you if you are pretty or not.

How beautiful are you?

Have fun and don't get offended, it is based on todays standards.

Design a make up look , and I will give you a fantasy creature

Hello everyone, do you love fantasy land, then you surely have to take this quiz to create you own fantasy look and be a part of fantasy land by being a fantasy creature.

Are you ugly?

|For females||DO NOT GET MAD AT THE RESULTS||THIS IS NOT ACCURATE. THIS IS AN OPINION.||No matter what result you get, you are beautiful in your own way. This quiz doesn't define you|

How beautiful are you?

Take this quiz to see how beautiful you are. Who knows, you can someday enter a beauty contest!

Which makeup look suits you?

See what makeup look suits you based on your answers in this quiz! Sorry for possible grammar mistakes and please keep in mind this may not be accurate :)

Are You Pretty?

This isn't based on personality, it is based on pure looks!

Which Tattoo Best Suits You?

You want a tattoo? but you just don't know what choose?. Take the quiz and you'll find out what tattoo best suits you and your wonderful personality. Hope you enjoy! ♥

What Make Up should You wear Today?

You don't know what Make Up is right for you today or which style looks best on you in general? This quiz will help u! For (teenage) Girls. Make-up trends 2010. Not Emo Make up or "Smoky Eyes" included. Tell me, if the quiz was right.

How girly are you ?

How girly are you? can you go out with out make-up on? do you spend to long getting ready?

Celebs! make up or not?

See which celebs you think look better with or with out make up!♥

Should you wear make up?

Well should you really wear make up, just a little bit or not at all (Girls Only)

Create your own LIPSTICK

Create lipstick based on your personality... will it be dressy or casual? Show-stopping or cup-dropping? Find out here, the best range of lipsticks await you.

What is your Zodiac Sign inspired make-up look?

Curious about what your sign would look like as a makeup look? Try out my first quiz to find out! ;D

Which Riverdale Character are you?

Have you ever wondered which character would you be if you starred in Riverdale? Take this quiz to find out!

Make Up A Date And I'll Give You A Prom Dress

Comment your results and also comment if you want another quiz or poll.
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