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Who is Your Godly Parent? (Minor gods included!)

I know that this quiz topic is overused and cliche, but I tried really hard to make this as accurate as possible, and I'm really proud of how it turned out! So please share this quiz and thank you for stopping by!

Which camp half blood cabin are you in?aka whos ur godly parent(100% accurate)

Includes all major gods except Artemis...cuz shes an eternal maiden and Hera cuz well she didnt have children with any mortal...
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Which Heroes Of Olympus character are you?

In this great quiz you can find out what heroes of olympus character you are!

What is your demigod life? *long results*

For females attracted to dudes! Have you ever wondered what your demigod life would be like? Who your godly parent would be, and who you would date? You can finally put your mind at ease if you take this quiz! Good luck :) (also i made this quiz like five years ago or something, and i've tried ...

Your Percy Jackson Life (Long Results)

Long results! Girls only! Find out who your boyfriend is, who your best friends are and if you joined the hunt or not. Also your godly parent and what your best weapon is.

Demigod: Greek or Roman?

We've all seen them; we've all participated in them; who are our godly parents. The bad thing is, sometimes they're only a set of Greek gods or Roman gods, and we cannot really know which Camp we belong to. So, as a demigod myself, I bring you a personality quiz on what camp you really a...

Who is Your HOO Soulmate

This is just a quiz to see who your soulmate in HOO is! I can never seem to find a lot of quizzes like this one, so I finally decided to make my own! I hope you enjoy, this is my first quiz! Seven Half bloods shall answer the call......

Name that Ship!

These ships are from ONLY Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and Keepers of the Lost Cities. HOPE YOU ENJOY! AND GOOD LUCK!!!

Your Percy Jackson Life!

Yea I thought there weren't enough of these. 5 results, 4 from CHB and 1 from CJ(this one is octavian, you have been warned). Expect longish results! And by the way I only have those that aren't taken as results if you know what I mean. *disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except ...

Are you A Demigod, a Wizard, Or a Jedi? (ACCURATE RESULTS)

Which world of magic summons you strongest? Will you fight alongside Percy and Annabeth, or Harry and Hermione? Where do you belong? CONTAINS ACCURATE RESULTS :)))))

Which Argo II Crew Member + Nico and Reyna would you date?

Take this fun quiz where the seven, along with Nico and Reyna ask you questions to find out which Argo II Crew Member + Nico and Reyna you would date! :)

Which Percy Jackson Character are you?

Find out which character you are from the Rick Riordan series Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus

Who said that? (HoO edition)

Its the who said that Heroes of Olympus addition! Take the quiz to determine how long it's been since you read it! Or just how much memory you have when it comes to reading your favorite books. Either way this is just for fun and it's my first quiz so hope you enjoy! Ps. None of the art is m...
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