Your Harry Potter Life (for girls- long results!)

Do you want to go to Hogwarts? To learn spells, make friends, battle people? Oh come on, I know you do. Well, hate to break it to ya, but that is probably not going to happen. Hey, we all wish it would. But, that one sliver of hope rests aside inside you, and you still have that thirst, that desire....

What Is Your Hogwarts Life Story? (VERY VERY VERY long results)

When I say long results, I mean it, so be prepared! This quiz will show what your Hogwarts life will be like. Includes your wand, best friends, house, boyfriends, enemies, opinions, future job... basically everything. Very detailed and descriptive - swear on my life.

build your Harry Potter life (long results)

Build your Harry Potter character and see what your life would be like, with detailed scenarios. Hope you enjoy!

Harry Potter Life for Girls(extremely long results)

What is your Harry Potter crush, house and much, much more... ( I'm sorry if it's very stereotypical, but I did my best!)

What is Your Next Gen. Hogwarts Love Life? (VERY LONG RESULTS)

Who is your love from Harry Potter's kid's generation? Will it be Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Potter, Fred Weasley II, James Potter II or Teddy Lupin? Learn your Next Gen. Hogwarts Love Story and much, much more. Plus super long results.

What is your demigod life? *long results*

For females attracted to dudes! Have you ever wondered what your demigod life would be like? Who your godly parent would be, and who you would date? You can finally put your mind at ease if you take this quiz! Good luck :) (also i made this quiz like five years ago or something, and i've tried ...

Your Percy Jackson Life (Long Results)

Long results! Girls only! Find out who your boyfriend is, who your best friends are and if you joined the hunt or not. Also your godly parent and what your best weapon is.

What's your life? (Harry Potter Quiz!)*Very long results!*

Which character fits you best and what is YOUR life in Harry Potter? (FYI, this quiz has VERY long results, so just a heads up :) )

What do the Harry Potter Characters think of you? Girls Only, Long Results!

Take this quiz to find out what your life would be like at Hogwarts, and discover the characters' opinions of you! Girls only, be honest unless you want a different answer! Enjoy!

Your Warrior Cat Life! Extremely Long Results!

What is your Warrior Cat story? Find out here by taking this quiz! Warriors series and the clans belongs to Erin Hunter, but I made up these characters. The images used are from Google.

Camp Half-Blood Life (Females) long results

This is a quiz that I hope you will enjoy. The answers are based on your choices. This quiz is my first quiz, so comment if I need to improve it or change something. Thanks for playing. P.S. For the sake of the results, please pretend that these demigods never dated anyone and your character is the...

Which guy from Harry Potter will fall in love with you? || LONG RESULTS

Long results! Includes Harry, Ron, Draco, Neville, Fred, George, and Cedric. Get results on what he loves about you, how your relationship started, and your first date/kiss. I tried to make it feel authentic by matching your personality with the person they end up with in the books/movies. I hope yo...

Your Percy Jackson Life (LONG results! GIRLS ONLY!)

This quiz is ONLY for Camp Half-Blood, sorry for those of you who might want Camp Jupiter results. Long results and girls only! There are no results for Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, or for being Hunter of Artemis.

What is your Warrior Cat Life? (LONG RESULTS)

Find out what your life as a warrior cat in Erin Hunter’s series ‘Warriors’ would be! NOTE: If you have taken this quiz before, you’ll want to take it again! Everything has been updated, especially the results! Questions have been added, and more results are coming soon!

Your Demigod Life (super long results)

Read the title. The results are super long, so have fun reading! Don't say I didn't warn you! By the way, GIRLS only.

Demigod Life (long results)

For girls only! Find out who you are at camp half blood... your powers... your BFFs... your boyfriend etc... it even includes your story... take this quiz to find out!!!
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