What would Thranduil think of you?

See what kind of first impression you leave on the beautiful Elvenking of Mirkwood. Would he care to meet you again? Or would he never want you to leave in the first place? Primarily for girls, though boys can take it if they wish.

Which LOTR character will be your lover?

A test with a plot. You might enjoy this test if you are a LOTR fanfic reader. This test has story choices in it. Your choices and how you see things will determine your fate in Middle Earth. Enjoy, and may the blessing of Elves, Men and all Free Folks be with you. Author's note: If you like the...

Who are you through Legolass eyes?

Quiz results and options are designed for female takers. Hope you enjoy :)

Which of the Valar are you most like? (all)

Includes all the fourteen Valar and Melkor. This means the result is more accurate, but may not match your gender. I do not own any of the pictures. Enjoy and please comment!

Middle-Earth Life

Answer some questions and discover who you would be in Middle-Earth. Only elf results.

What do the LOTR and Hobbit characters think of you?

How do the Fellowship and the Company of Thorin Oakensheild like you?

Who Would You be in Lord of the Rings

A red sun rises...blood has been spilled this night (and it's gonna be yours if you dont take this quiz)

Who Is Your LOTR Lover?

Wonder who your Lord of the Rings boyfriend is? Then take. Includes 10 results, including Legolas, Frodo, Kili, Faramir, and more! I hope you enjoy it!

Make a moodboard & get a Son of Fëanor

— make a moodboard & get which one of fëanor's wacky, stabby sons suits you best || seven results (obviously)
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