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Your Hogwarts Soulmate (Harry Potter)

A quiz created by me made with pure entertainment and joy. This quiz is not meant to be taken seriously as I cannot know which person would end up with which character. This is purely for fun and entertainment purposes. Your Hogwarts soulmate is whoever you feel like your heart belongs to regardless...

Your Harry Potter Life (for girls- long results!)

Do you want to go to Hogwarts? To learn spells, make friends, battle people? Oh come on, I know you do. Well, hate to break it to ya, but that is probably not going to happen. Hey, we all wish it would. But, that one sliver of hope rests aside inside you, and you still have that thirst, that desire....
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Your Harry Potter Life - Roleplay (For Girls Only!)

Have you ever dreamed of stepping into one of the Harry Potter books and making friends with the characters, experiencing the thrill of riding a broomstick and practising 'Swish and flick!'? Well, here's your chance! Come on, don't hesitate, let's board the Hogwarts Express!

Harry Potter Life | (Long Result)

GIRLS ONLY QUIZ! (I have made an update to the quiz. It was quite rush but I still hope you enjoy the quiz) This is your Harry Potter life! I tried to make it fun and legit! I hope the result is long enough for your liking since I am one who also loves the result to be long.

Make a outfit and i give you a Harry Potter date (Girls version)

PICS NOT MINE Make a outfit and you can get a harry potter date! Mabye she became you're girlfriend. ;)

What's Your War Story? (Battle Of Hogwarts Edition, very very long results!)

Ever wondered where you would be in the Battle of Hogwarts? Would you fight with Dumbledore's Army and emerge a hero? Or would you take the more sinister route and battle alongside the Death Eaters? Or would your heartbreak at the violence and fade into the shadows during the way and see your fr...

Harry Potter Life Quiz *girls only*diverse results*

A super fun Harry Potter life quiz that isn't made up of only straight, white, unachievably beautiful people! Enjoy!
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