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What Militry Fighter Aircraft are you?

What aircraft would you like to be blowing your emimies up in? Find Out!

WW2 aircraft nationality identification quiz

Can you identify what Air Force these aircraft belong to?
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Airplane Quiz By www.paper-model-airplane.com

An enthusiast over airplanes? Challenge yourself with our very own Airplane Quiz and see how much do you really know!

Commercial Aircraft Quiz

Just a small quiz on commercial airliners.

What Aircraft type are you?

Moving on from the land to the sky, you answer Questions, similar to that of the Tank type Quiz, where, once again, each response is indicative of each of the six main Aircraft types. Will you be the aggressive Fighter, the Capable Fighter-Bomber, the precise Dive Bomber, the powerful Medium Bomber...

What airplane would you fly?

So you think your a pilot, but you don't know what to fly. find out through my quiz yo.

Can you name these fighter aircraft?

Do you think you know your aircraft? Here are some of the simplest jets to identify! Good luck!

Guess The WW2 Aircraft

Can you identify these thirty aircraft from both sides of the Second World War? Best of luck!

Are your and aircraft expert? prove it!

If your like aerospace take this quiz.

What aircraft is it

For aircraft and air force loves

Do you know military planes/helicopters?

Think you know your military aircraft? Prove it

How would you fare in WW-II

You were supposed to be dropped behind enemy lines with your platoon, but due to anti-aircraft fire your plane was destroyed and you were seperated from the rest of the men. how would you do on your own?
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