Airplane Quiz By

An enthusiast over airplanes? Challenge yourself with our very own Airplane Quiz and see how much do you really know!

What fighter plane are you?

What can you be a bomber a fighter or what

Are you cleared for take off?

Would you be able to lift an airplane off the ground? A 767?

What WWII airplane are you?

The name says it all. This quiz will tell you what WWII plane you are meant to fly.

What airplane would you fly?

So you think your a pilot, but you don't know what to fly. find out through my quiz yo.

Are you an aviation fan? Well, what are these airplanes?

Can you figure out what each plane is WITHOUT CHEATING? Complete the quiz to see me try to assume who you most likely aren't (or you are idk)

Guess The Airline

I spent too much time airplane spotting that I have memorized many airline names and even plane types. It’s a bit of a hobby of mine that I now have turned into a test. Take this test if you are bored and/or procrastinating on assignments. Enjoy :) It may get a bit more difficult as you progress. Th...