Would you survive a plane crash?

Would you survive a plane crash? This quiz has been backed up by research. If you are nervous about your next flight, then don't worry!

Your future ride

For all you car/motorcycle lovers out there this is the quiz for you!

What type of car are you?

This short quiz tells you what type of car you are best suited for...

Future job

A quiz to se what will be your future job

Your Personality gets you a Car

You + This Quiz = Awesome Car. 'Nuff said.

Fast and Furious Quiz

This is the Fast and Furious quiz, here to tell you what character you are from one of the awesomest movies ever!! Comment on who you got!! Answer Truthfully!! Happy quizzing!!

What is Your Dream Car?

Find out what awesome (and crazily wallet killing) car you should get!

Wats your future car

(take this quiz cuz it has awesome results!)

Which car are you?

Find out what car you would be if you were a car! :D WHOA MAN ITS AWESOME DUDE!

Your perfect song from Asphalt 9: Legends!

With awesome graphics and new tracks, Asphalt 9 also definitely has the best songs ever! I can honestly listen to my "Asphalt 9" soundtrack 24/7. Find the perfect song for you!