What Militry Fighter Aircraft are you?

What aircraft would you like to be blowing your emimies up in? Find Out!

Which Gear (Ace Online) is for you?

Gears are the star fighters in the Ace Online universe. Players will choose a gear at the start of the game, and this choice will be permanent for that character. In RPG terms, a 'Gear' is the class of the player. Each one has unique features that will be beneficial in different ways. The ch...

What fighter plane are you?

What can you be a bomber a fighter or what

What Aircraft type are you?

Moving on from the land to the sky, you answer Questions, similar to that of the Tank type Quiz, where, once again, each response is indicative of each of the six main Aircraft types. Will you be the aggressive Fighter, the Capable Fighter-Bomber, the precise Dive Bomber, the powerful Medium Bomber...

What airplane would you fly?

So you think your a pilot, but you don't know what to fly. find out through my quiz yo.

What Naval Fighter would you be?

Once you click on this quiz, you might ask what naval fighter would you be commanding. Everything will be based on your opinion

Number that fighter jet

Find out if you know the fighter jet. Few bonus questions too

Can you name these fighter aircraft?

Do you think you know your aircraft? Here are some of the simplest jets to identify! Good luck!

Can you name your modern military jets?

How much knowledge do you have on today's military jets? Find out with this quiz that tests you knowledge of today's warbirds.