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Tank commander experience

What the title said. For anyone, I don't mind about your gender.

What Aircraft type are you?

Moving on from the land to the sky, you answer Questions, similar to that of the Tank type Quiz, where, once again, each response is indicative of each of the six main Aircraft types. Will you be the aggressive Fighter, the Capable Fighter-Bomber, the precise Dive Bomber, the powerful Medium Bomber...
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What Military Vehicle are you

This will show you what military vehicle you are

What fighter plane are you?

What can you be a bomber a fighter or what

What military vehicle are you?

Find which military vehicle suits you

Do you know military planes/helicopters?

Think you know your military aircraft? Prove it

Are you cleared for take off?

Would you be able to lift an airplane off the ground? A 767?

What type of Armored vehicle do you perfer?

Armored vehicles and their driver are VERY much alike, a driver's choice in what vehicle they drive can show a lot about them, and overall give you a idea of who you are dealing with.

How much do you know about tanks?-WWII edition

Think you know a lot about armored vehicles, well, let's see if you do, shall we? Test your knowledge. Take this Quiz to find out if you know as much as you think you do...Oh,and,No cheating please.

What kind of soldier are you?

If you were in the military, which kind of class will the officers assign you as?

What military vehicle do who drive.

Find out what military vehicle you deserve to be at the wheel of.

Military quiz

A quiz about all branches of the military

Can you name your modern military jets?

How much knowledge do you have on today's military jets? Find out with this quiz that tests you knowledge of today's warbirds.
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