If You Were A Dragon

Ever wondered what dragon you'd be? Includes where you live, what you eat, and other facts. No pics are mine.

What Would You Be in the 18th Century?

Would you be a duchess, a duke, a pirate, captain, ship mistress or a flyer that makes a "decent" living?

Who is Your Greek God/Goddess

Boy or Girl, doesn't matter. Take this quiz to see who your soul-mate is, Greek god, or goddess?

What Broomstick would you have?

WEEEELL.. Lets fiiind out! (BTW! This is quiz is based off of the Brooms in Harry Potter! XD just F.Y.I!)

What is your Eye Colour?

Want to find your secret fantasy eye colour? take the quiz!

What Type of Dragon are you?

Do you like dragons as much as I do? Then this very accurate quiz will determine what kind of dragon you are. Take a swing at it.

What Awesome Videogame Character are you?

Every gamer has had a fantasy of being the hero (or villain) of the most epic games out there. Who are you?

Bible Test

See how well you REALLY know the bible.

Find Out Your Cat Life~

Find out which kind of cat you are! -KittyPet -ClanCat -TribeCat -Rogue -Loner

What wolf are you?

In a wolf pack there's an Alpha. Beta, Third, and the regular pack members! Take this quiz to see which your personality represents.

What Pet would you have if you were a witch ?

Every witch needs a pet. they help you and they stay by your side there whole life. take the quiz and see what one fits you> XD

Your life at Hogwarts

Lets be honest..... you would rather be there, wouldn't you.

What Type Of Unicorn are you?

Click to find out what type of unicorn are you?

Which AWESOME fantasy character are you: PART 2 (girls)

This is the second installment of he original quiz since I couldn't fit all of the characters. Hope you like it!
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