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Which Camp Half-Blood Cabin do you Belong in?

This is my third quiz in a series of mythology quizzes. It is advised to take my Are You a Demigod or Magician quiz first, but either way works. Also, I know there are a MILLION quizzes like this. Enjoy!

Demigod: Greek or Roman?

We've all seen them; we've all participated in them; who are our godly parents. The bad thing is, sometimes they're only a set of Greek gods or Roman gods, and we cannot really know which Camp we belong to. So, as a demigod myself, I bring you a personality quiz on what camp you really a...
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Mythical Boyfriend

Okay, so I know there are tons of these quizzes, but I still wanted to do one. Enjoy!

Your Percy Jackson Life!

Yea I thought there weren't enough of these. 5 results, 4 from CHB and 1 from CJ(this one is octavian, you have been warned). Expect longish results! And by the way I only have those that aren't taken as results if you know what I mean. *disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except ...

Are you A Demigod, a Wizard, Or a Jedi? (ACCURATE RESULTS)

Which world of magic summons you strongest? Will you fight alongside Percy and Annabeth, or Harry and Hermione? Where do you belong? CONTAINS ACCURATE RESULTS :)))))

What is your Fatal Flaw? {Percy Jackson & HoO}

In the world of Demigods, your fatal flaw is your greatest weakness and can potentially cause your downfall. We all have our weaknesses. What is yours? ... I took some inspiration from the Pottermore quiz as well as Rick Riordan's Quiz! Enjoy!

Demigod Life (long results)

For girls only! Find out who you are at camp half blood... your powers... your BFFs... your boyfriend etc... it even includes your story... take this quiz to find out!!!

Harry Potter x Percy Jackson Crossover Life

What would your life be like if you co-existed in the worlds of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter? ✨💖

Are you a Greek, Roman o Norse Demigod? Or an Egyptian Magician?

Are you a Greek or Roman Demigod? Are you a Norse demigod? Are you not a Demigod at all, and are a Egyptian Magician? This quiz will tell you, or help you discover who your true self is. This an quiz made for the Fandom group Worlds of Riordan. This is meant to be a fun, light quiz. Don't be ma...

What is your demigod life?

Medium results. All twelve of the Olympians and their Hunter of Artemis forms besides Artemis and Hera but with Iris, Hecate, and Hades. Girls only!!

What is your life as a demigod?

Hey, I'm Lizzie, Lizzie Pooles. Today I'm providing you with this-AARGH! I WILL KILL YOU, VALDEZ! YOU WILL REGRET KNOWING ME!! Sorry about that, Leo put a spider in Annabeth's bed-well, let's just say, it did NOT turn out well for him. Now, let's see...oh! Yes, I am providing(bla...

Who is your godly parent? (Minor Gods included)

Who's your Godly Parent Take this quiz to see who your demigod parent is! Could is be Zeus, or Aphrodite? Maybe Hecate, or even Hermes! Take this quiz to find out!

Which one of Rick Riordan's worlds do you belong to?

Find out where you belong in Uncle Rick's universe. Are you a Greek demigod, a Roman demigod, an Egyptian magician, or a Norse Einherjar or Valkyrie?

Which Greek God or Goddess is Your Parent?

Is the "Who's your Godly Parent" quiz completely overused? Yes. Do you already know who your Greek parent is? Probably yes. Is this type of quiz still fun to take anyway? Also yes.

Your Demigod Life

Ever wondered what your life would be like in the wonderful word of Camp Half-Blood? Well look no further! Just take the quiz and discover your life as a kick-butt hero on the beach of Long Island...

What would be your Camp Half-Blood life?

WARNING: If you haven't read the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books you won't get this quiz... I spent a long time on this so I hope you like it!
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