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what is your element

if you want to know your personality and what kind of the four elements stregthen your magic

What Dragon Is Looking For You?

Maybe it's been watching you for a long time, or maybe it just found you. But what is it? What does it want with you? ~~Thanks so much for the 400+ hearts!~~~
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What is your element?

Legends of extraordinary and extraordinary forces always occupy a corner of our minds. Perhaps these supernatural forces are not myths, but reveal the secrets and mysteries of the hidden powers in the corners of human existence; Secrets that we are unaware of them or do not fully aware of them.

What Type Of Element Kitsune Are You?

Between a night, thunder, fire, dragon, paint, air, ice, water, and ghost kitsune, which one are you most like?

What is your element

عنصر شما چیست؟ افسانه‌های نیرو‌های خارق العاده و استثنائی همیشه گوشه‌ای از ذهن ما را به خود مشغول می‌کنند. شاید این نیرو‌های خارق العاده افسانه نباشند، بلکه اسرار و رموزی از قدرت‌های پنهانی در زوایای وجودی انسان را برملا کنند؛ اسراری که ما درباره آن‌ها بی اطلاعیم و یا کامل از آن‌ها آگاهی نداریم

Choose some outfits to know what element fits you

Hi guys. I hope you are happy while doing my quiz^-^

What Element Do You Control?

Take this quiz and discover what element you control!

What Element are you?

What element are you? Light, Ice, Water, Life, Earth, Time, Tech, Fire, Wind, Magic, Dark or Death? Take it again if you want dual element typing.

Which Element are You?

Is your element Fire, Earth, Water, or air?

Your Element Queendom

What is your element queendom; fire, water, air or earth.

What's Your Vision?

"The elements in this world responded to your prayers and Paimon thinks that's a lovely sign." ✦ In the world of Teyvat, when the Gods recognize a human's abilities, they grant them further power through a Vision- a gift that allows the human to use a God's elemental powers. Say ...

What Element are you? (Long Results)

Lets see what your element really is; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, or Spirit.

Which Primal Source are you Connected To? [ The Dragon Prince ]

✦✦✦ THE ORIGINAL ✦✦✦ Updated 8/21/2019. Accurate & provides extensive descriptions in the results. All magic in the world draws upon the six Primal Sources- enormous, powerful entities of the natural world: the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, the Sky, and the Ocean. The magical creatures of...

Whats your element?

What’s your element? Take this quiz to find out your true element! Are you water? Fire? Air? Or earth? Find out now! 💦🔥💨🌿
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