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What Supernatural creature would you be?

[Updated into 30 supernatural creature results] This quiz isn't accurate and was made for fun. Do not hate if you didn't got your favorite. If you saw grammar mistakes tell me about them nicely and I will fix them.
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聘- What Wings do you Have? -品

锛*鈥⑻┨┩欌湬鈥⑻┨┩ Some must find for themselves that which cannot be told. 藲*鈥⑻┨┩欌湬鈥⑻┨┩*藲锛

Where Do You Find Peace?

where would you runaway to? a little coffee shop? a flower field? a library?

Your dark fantasy love story...

A chance at a dark fantasy brimming with love... (LOng results)

what type of fairy are you?

銆娾负 蕷鈾∩ if you liked this quiz follow me for more! 蕷鈾∩ 飧恒 鈹団负飧**鈥.赂鈾ヂ.鈥*麓 鉂 *鈥.赂鈾ヂ.鈥*麓*飧衡负鈹 銆娾负 蕷鈾∩ remember that this quiz is for fun, if you do not like your result it's completely fine! 蕷鈾∩ 飧恒

What type of fairy are you!

I don鈥檛 own any of the pictures and results probably aren鈥檛 accurate

Choose Some Aesthetic Photos and Get a Mythical Creature to "Adopt"

Choose some different aesthetic photos and find out what interesting mythical creature you should "adopt"! I hope you like your result!

You Answer Questions and I Give You a Short Story

It's simple, you answer a few questions and I'll give you a short story that I wrote. Not all the short stories are the happiest, just to warn you. I will also be occasionally updating this with more stories. (Cover is not mine)

What Is Your Spiritual Identity?

You may think you truly know yourself, both in and out, but you'd most likely be assuming this fact to be true. What if it was revealed that you have a second identity (which is completely badass, might I add)? What would your second identity look like, and what is its personality? Perhaps it...

Which Aesthetic Suits You Most?

锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽,锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽嗐馃尯鈱掆库寬鈥苦獓喱 嗒囙瑩鈱掆库寬鈥筐煂 锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽,锝★渐:*:锝ワ緹鈽

Create a fairytale version of yourself! (Girls Only)

Do you want to be a mermaid, fairy, princess, or an elf? Or maybe you just want to be a human? The choice is all up to you in this quiz!!! You have nine different possible fairytales you can choose for yourself!!!

What Supernatural Being Are You?

Unrelated to the Supernatural series; based more on an original story. Create a fantasy life story via these questions and see what supernatural being you would be. (photos aren鈥檛 mine)

Can you survive an encounter with the fae?

Will you be spared from the fairy court? Or will you be trapped forever? It's all up to you.

Do You Want Fairy Wings?

Answer questions and pick aesthetics, and I'll give you your own pair of fairy wings!! This was inspired by a different quiz (that I didn't create) in my library; check it out. It's super cool :)
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