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Which Type of Shapeshifter are you?

So, you know you're a shapeshifter. After the initial shock and confusion, you're okay with that. But now, you want to learn more about your kind. Let me help you. Answer a few questions, and I'll tell you the type of shapeshifter you are. Dedicated to Sølarstørms øf Nøvember

What kind of Mythological Fox are you?

Foxes, most people see them as untrustworthy tricksters, but you and I know that's not true. Discover and learn about what type of mythological fox you would be, based on your personality!
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Your Fantasy Horns

≫ ──── ≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫ ──── ≪ What magical, fantasy horns will you have? Will you have jagged obsidian devil horns? Or the angelic antlers of a forest faun. Maybe even an iridescent unicorn horn? Take this quiz to find out what type of horns you'd have! There are 26 different answers all together of d...

Choose songs and I give you a mythological creature

Hello everyone and welcome.This quiz is for fun and please enjoy

What Is Your Mermaid Aesthetic?

Do you prefer the way the sun reflects on the gentle tide, light bouncing off like diamonds? Or the way the heavy storms rage over tumultuous seas? Does the black eyed sea witch with sharpened fangs spark your love for mermaids, or is it the pearlescent sea shells that catch your eye? This quiz feat...

What Mythical Fox Are You?

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────» Find out what type of mythical fox you are, with answers hailing from Chinese, Greek, Celtic, Guarani and Chilota mythology.

What mythological animal accompanies you?

We all know the famous dragon, pegasus, unicorn, etc. Which one of these majestic beasts would be your partner in a fantasy world?

Mythical Boyfriend

Okay, so I know there are tons of these quizzes, but I still wanted to do one. Enjoy!

What Mythical Deer Are You?

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── Deer are such beautiful creatures that I'm obsessed with, so I decided to combine my love for these beings and for mythology to make this quiz! Mythical deer from Greek, Jewish, Native American, European, Japanese, Norse, Tungusic, Inuit, Slavic, Celtic and Chinese fol...

What Mythical Creature are you?

Take a voyage to a mythical universe where you can morph into whatever creature you soul reflects... whether that is a creature that symbolizes strength and vigilance such as a Gryphon; beasts of the light and being able to control both land and air in its form. Or are you a Hydrus, down-to-earth cr...

Your Mythological Lover (Female Results)

The darkest corners of the world have always held secrets; secrets that fuel nightmares and instill terror in the hearts of men. They house the monsters the world strive to forget. Unfortunately, these monsters are clawing and pawing their ways back into the sunlight, and they're after one thing...

Which mythological canine protects you?

Which mythological canine is your protector? Is it the uncontrollable Fenrir or Sun-eating Sköll? Perhaps the man-eating Warg is your protector? Find out in this quiz, and don’t forget to share your answers!

What is your Dragon's name?

You have come to possess a legendary creature, presumed to only exist in myths and tales of old. But now, it is time to decide the name of your beast. What will you call your dragon? A/N: I tried to come up with names that sounded medieval/fantasy-like. As it IS your dragon we're talking about, ...

What Celtic Mythical Creature Are You?

꧁ Find out what creature from Celtic folklore and mythology you are, including Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Manx, Cornish and Breton folklore. There were way more beings from Celtic mythology but I only chose my favourite ones. ꧂
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