Which “Lost Origins” Region Do You Belong In

The Lost Origins Trilogy is my own trilogy that is currently in the works. In this quiz, find out which Region (country) you belong in!

Which "Lost Origins" Character Are You?

The Lost Origins Trilogy is my own trilogy that is currently in the works. See which character you are!

Which Vampire is your soulmate!

Ever thought if you are meant to be with one of those sexy bloodsucker you only managed to watch on TV? Here's a chance to find out; to which vampire does your heart and soul belongs to.

Your Fantasy Love Story

Discover your fantasy romance story. Will you be the single assassin who doesn't want to admit to themselves that they're in love with their target? Or perhaps it's an arranged marriage? Find out with this quiz! Also please don't forget to like and comment - it would be greatly appre...

Blood Ties (Vampire/Werewolf Rp)

Who's your Werewolf/Vampire? Which monster is interested in you?~ This is my second series by the way :)

Mirage 4 (wwffy/wwyff)

You have officially been selected as a part of The Fellowship of The Ring, yet you have no idea how your uncle would react, and how you, yourself, would manage.

Blood Ties Part 2~

It's your first day of grade 11. News about unidentified killings? What or...Who could it be? WARNING: Cussing and Bloody Themes


One day, you started hearing voices and then something strange happens….

Blood Ties Part 3~

You keep hearing noises and seeing shadows... Is it real or just your imagination?..

Are You Prepotent or Pliant?

(FOR A PERSONAL STORY SO SORRY IF SOME THINGS DON'T MAKE SENSE!) Relationships are the norm- 99% of living things will end up in a romantic relationship, and there are constants amongst all species that show relationship dynamics. In example: Prepotent and Pliant people.

let me assign you a crown, dagger and a royal outfit.

take this quiz and i'll assign you a a crown, dagger and royal clothes based on the questions i ask you. i hope you enjoy this quiz, remember to comment and check out profile!

Which Supernatural creature is your soulmate?

Which Supernatural creature will be your boyfriend? Long results. No relation to the show.

مجموعه کوییزهای داستانی 1️⃣ *پارت 2*/ نامه

ادامه‌ی سری داستانی شماره 1️⃣، درصورتی که پارتنرتون تو مرحله‌ی قبل پیشتون مونده باشه شما وارد این مرحله میشید و ادامه‌ی داستانتونو با انتخابایی که انجام میدید میسازید، دقت کنید همچنان امکان شکستتون تو داستان هست پس با دقت داستان و گزینه‌هایتونو بخونید چون هر انتخابتون روی نتیجه‌ی داستان تاثیر گذاره،...
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