Which Vampire is your soulmate!

Ever thought if you are meant to be with one of those sexy bloodsucker you only managed to watch on TV? Here's a chance to find out; to which vampire does your heart and soul belongs to.

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Fifteen (High Fantasy wwffy)

After your ordeal in that half-seen land of red fog, you rest in a warm room by a flickering fire. Will you pass the next challenge? Or will you fail?

Are you A Vampire, Werewolf, or Witch?

Find out which supernatural creature you are by answering a few simple multiple choice questions. Are you a mysterious blood sucker, a funny goofball of a werewolf, or a centered all knowing witch. Find out here!

Are you a Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Pony?

Just a random quiz if you don't know what "pony Race" your OC should be. This is just for fun, don't take anything too seriously lol. Based off of MLP obviously.

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Thirteen (High Fantasy wwffy)

The light of the fire crackles dimly as you sleep in the cave, curled on the cold stone, wrapped only in a wool blanket. Your companions slumber beside you, the sound of their breathing combining with the trickling of the small cave-stream to form a soothing melody as you drift off to sleep.

What is you vampire power?

If you were turned into a vampire, what would your power be? Based on vampires like the Cullens, not like Dracula

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Twelve (High Fantasy wwffy)

Still more adventures await you and your companions in the Stairway of the Stars... are you and your friends getting sick of those blasted tunnels yet? (Arachnophobia warning)

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Eleven (High Fantasy wwffy)

Goblins. Everyone's favorite ruthless, cruel little monsters. Can't you just picture their sharp-toothed smile, their vicious black eyes, their talons, eager to slice? (Violence warning, obviously.) How exactly does one make an interesting blurb?

Your Twilight Life *Long results*

Includes a story, your soulmate, where you were born, your friends, and what species you are (some stories involve a change of species).

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Ten (High Fantasy wwffy)

The ancient ruins of the once-great wizard city lie far beneath you, unreachable, at the bottom of the deep chasm. Broken towers made of crumbling stone, like jagged teeth, jut up, but they still don't reach anywhere near the top. There are no signs of life in the distant streets... But that doe...

Would You Survive the Vampire Apocalypse?

Take this quiz and find out if you would survive the vampire apocalypse! Choose wisely. This is accurate based off the research of a 17 year old nerdy fangirl.

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Nine (High Fantasy wwffy)

The Forest itself is in danger. At least, according to Fesgar Blackhame, the renowned scholar. (Meant for females)

Which Vampire Teacher Would Fall for You?

Will you seduce the Headmaster, Dean, Academic Advisor, Math Professor, English Professor, Science Professor, History Professor, P.E. Instructor, School Doctor, Foreign Language Professor, Art Professor, Theater Professor, or Music Professor???

Into the Forest of Twilight, Chapter Eight (High Fantasy wwffy)

You reach the fair elven city of Silvellan. Also: profanity warning. I use the word "bastard", in reference to the bastard sword.
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