What Supernatural creature would you be?

[Updated into 30 supernatural creature results] This quiz isn't accurate and was made for fun. Do not hate if you didn't got your favorite. If you saw grammar mistakes tell me about them nicely and I will fix them.

Your wolf life

Go on an adventure and see what you'd be like if you were a wolf! Result includes appearance, personality, rank and quote!✨🐺✨

Which Supernatural creature is your soulmate?

Which Supernatural creature will be your boyfriend? Long results. No relation to the show.

What sort of werewolf are you?

(based on my imaginary world, not your typical werewolf quiz) There are three types of werewolves: eaters, shifters, and omega shifters.

What breed of werewolf are you?

Curious to find out what kind of werewolf you are? Well look no further.

Which Twilight Coven Do You Belong To?

Ever wondered where you'd belong in the world of Vampires and Werewolves? Perhaps in the Rainforests with Zafrina, Senna and Kachiri? Or maybe with the Cullens in Forks? Or even a Nomad. Take this quiz and find out where you stand.

What Supernatural Being Are You?

Unrelated to the Supernatural series; based more on an original story. Create a fantasy life story via these questions and see what supernatural being you would be. (photos aren’t mine)
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