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Your Yule Ball Dress and Date *With Back Story*

UPDATED!! *New Result* Find out your Yule Ball date and dress as well as a backstory about how you met your date AND how they asked you to the Yule Ball.

What Fantasy World Do You Belong In? *Loads of Results*

↞✶☽◦✵◦☾✶↠ If this world didn't exists, which fantasy world would you live in? The magical island of Neverland or the Adventurous universe of Marvel? The logical world of Baker Street or the Mad realm of Wonderland? Take this quiz to find out where you belong. Many results including Umbrella Acad...
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Would Draco Malfoy Offer You MORE Than Friendship?

Whether you're interested or not, wouldn't you like to know if there something between you two? An angst and tension filled scenario-based quiz.

Your Yule Ball Dress and Date

Spend a day at Hogwarts and find out who you would go to the Yule Ball with and what dress you would wear! Includes a short summary of your relationship with your date, accessories and more <3 ~ For people who are attracted to guys, the answers use she/her pronouns but anyone can take it if they ...

Which HP boy secretly admires you?

who secretly admires you?! Boy answers only 😃 (Ron, harry, Draco, etc)

Would Draco Malfoy Offer You His Friendship?

Or would he ignore your presence? Admire you? Despise you based on the way you act? Let's find out. (A detailed scenario quiz)

Draco's Girl or Friend?

Okay, guys, I'm in love with him too. But that's the question, are you his girl or friend?

What are you to Draco Malfoy?

See what you are to Draco Malfoy? Some Pottermore questions included, and I will add on to this as soon as I can!

What wizarding blood type are you?

Find out your Wizarding blood type! Are you a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood, Muggle-born, Muggle or Squib!

Write a Warning Letter to Draco and See Your Fate

See what your role in school will be after writing a letter to Draco that warns him of his future! For people who hate Draco, but alternative options are available. TikTok—puppetartie

Hogwarts seven minutes in heaven

This is an HP quiz. Don't like it? Don't take it, simple as that

What your Hogwarts life? (Long results)

Want to know what your time at Hogwarts would be like? Take this quiz to find out your house, friends, family, and even who you'll fall for.

What does your Hogwarts report card look like?

Find out what your Hogwarts report card looks like! Are you a perfect student, or are you failing every class?
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