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Is your aura healthy?

Answer some questions and I’ll tell you, whether your aura’s healthy. [ I am no professional, please don’t take this seriously. It is supposed to be a motivation. ]
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Design a Cafe

Design a magical cafe and it's menu, and I will tell you what kind of customers you'll attract !

Make a cake and ill give you an aesthetic

Hey everyone! This isn't super accurate it's just for fun! I would LOVE it if you left a comment I absolutely love positive feedback and I will respond. Check out some of my other quizzes and have fun. Share this quiz if you can I would appreciate it.

Make a cake and get an outfit (feminine)

Design your very own cake, from the flavor to the toppings, and get a few outfits inspired by what theme your cake gives off!

Choose Aesthetics, Get a Mochi Flavor!

Choose some aesthetics and get a mochi flavor! Results may vary depending on answer choices. **This quiz is constructed for entertainment purposes only, therefore no results should be taken seriously.

Which monster energy drink are you?

Discover which Monster Energy drink you are out of all the kinds I have tried. I will be updating this as I try new flavors so feel free to retake as many times as you feel fit.

Make a Breakfast for a Random Cat

All in the title. Since I've made a cake quiz that gives you a random dog, might as well do it for those cat lovers out there as well. Pictures don't belong to me.

Which soft girl are you?

I give you random questions about foods and names and I'll give you a soft girl

Pick different colour themed outfits and ill give you an icecream flavour

Each question has 6 different outfits with the same color theme. Pick your fave/ the one you would wear and at the end ill give you your fave icecream flavour (not accurate)
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