What Ice Cream Flavor are you?

I don't even know how this makes sense, but it's fun to take so... yeah. lolz

make some froyo and ill guess your personality

create some frozen yogurt starting with the flavor, then toppings, and finishing with a result. can i guess your personality? let me know in the comments!

What Strange Soda are you?

I heard of a bunch of weird sodas so... I made this!

Would you eat this- 2.0 deep fry

Well i was getting bored so i decided to make another even though i just finished the other one! ;) This is about the best deep fried foods on earth or the most disgusting? No... Was it the weirdest?

Which type of pie are you?

Find out which type of pie suits you best in this piefect quzi! (Jk) :D

Would You Try These Australian Foods?

Would YOU try some of these foods from Australia? Come find out! 😋

Which Cuisine are you?

Come in to learn which cuisine you are!

Which Totally Awesome Dragon Gummy Are You?

Thousands of years ago, and far far away, many different kinds of wild and wonderful dragons roamed the earth. Some were even Totally Awesome dragons! Now, as deliciously soft and chewy gummy candies, these magical dragon characters can fill mouths with their mystical flavor power so you too can exp...
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