Make a Breakfast for a Random Cat

All in the title. Since I've made a cake quiz that gives you a random dog, might as well do it for those cat lovers out there as well. Pictures don't belong to me.

Do You Agree With These Popular Food Combinations?

People share different opinions when it comes to food, and that also comes to combining food. But the question here is, do you agree with these popular food combinations? Take this quiz to find out!

How should you eat your toast for breakfast?

are you tired of the same old piece of bread with butter you have for breakfast? well FEAR NOT MY FRIENDS! i am here to bring back the joy and wonders of bread and all things toast with different and unique ideas that will light aflame your taste-buds! (not literally i hope) so don't be shy and ...

Order Breakfast and I'll give you a surprise

Order some breakfast/brunch and I'll give you a FANTASTIC surprise! ;D

Choose Aesthetics and I'll Make You Breakfast

Very simple. Choose and I'll give you something. Aesthetics are relaxing 🍭

Are You Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner?

Are you breakfast, lunch or dinner? My classmates and friends helped a lot with this quiz! I hope you enjoy it!

What type of Breakfast are you?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Find out which kind fits your personality. :))

Make a breakfast and I'll give you a horse!

Make a tasty breakfast and I'll give you an amazing companion!

What's YOUR favourite food?

Wassup everyone. I know, it's the sksksksky. But forget it. You won't get the joke. Today I decided to give you guys a quiz on your favourite food. Now, we all know how happy we get when it comes to food (cheer) so that's why it's always best to start off with an interesting topic. O...

Choose a breakfast and get a puppy

Hello, I'm back! This quiz is very short but I hope you like it!

What Breakfast Food are you?

Lol. I got this quiz out early for you guys! I just felt like it.
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