choose ur fav foods to find out your spirit animal

always wanted to know your spirit animal perhaps a fox or a wolf well with these simple questions you'll find out

Which mcdonalds burger are you

Which burger from mcdonalds are you most like maybe your a chicken

What kind of chicken are you?

Why did the chicken cross the road? Find out for yourself.

What Fast Food are you Like?

This quiz is technically about fast foods that might represent you. If anything offends you, please know that I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Enjoy the quiz.

Conversation with The Big Four... And Me! Part FIVE!

Are you ready for PART FIVE! ✋ Come join us in this crazy Sleepover! Just me, you, The Big Four, some special guests and a wild night! ❤

Know Your Chicken Sandwich

Just a COMPLETELY random quiz! I was thinking about the hamburgers I always cook and chicken then BOOM! This came in mind! WARNING! THIS COULD MAKE YOU HUNGRY!

Are you Peanut Butter? :O

Peanut butter, popular in many countries, is a food paste made primarily from ground dry roasted peanuts. The United States is a leading exporter of peanut butter and consumes $800 million worth annually.
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