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Are you a picky eater?

Just click "yes" for the foods you would eat and "no" for the ones you wouldn't.

Make a cake and get an outfit (feminine)

Design your very own cake, from the flavor to the toppings, and get a few outfits inspired by what theme your cake gives off!
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Judge the avengers in a cooking show

Hi! Welcome to the Infinity Cook-Off! I’m your host, Ivy, and today we’ve got some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (And villains!) to come and be in this new cooking show! We’ve got some great contenders and plenty of dishes waiting to be made - and we’re inviting you to judge! Come on - everyone’s wait...

Pick Out Some Snacks & I'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

Pick a bunch of snacks and I will tell you which Dianey princess I think you are

Do You Agree With These Popular Food Combinations?

People share different opinions when it comes to food, and that also comes to combining food. But the question here is, do you agree with these popular food combinations? Take this quiz to find out!

Bake a cake and get a cat

Are you a cat lover? Do you enjoy cakes? A baker? I guess this is the quiz for you! :) let's bake the cake!

Bake a cake and I'll tell you a secret

Alright, I'll tell you one of my secrets if you bake a cake I like. If I don't, then try again! There's always a chance. Well, if you're patient enough.

What Kind of Macaroon are you? :)

* Yum Yum * We All Love Macaroons! They are Delicious & Creamy! What? :o You have never had one! Well you better try one soon but first let's see what kind of Macaroon You Are! :D ♥

What kind of sushi are you?

Take this quiz to find out what sushi best suits your tastes!

What Delicious Cookie Dough Flavor are you? *Yum Yum! *

So Many Delicious Flavors of Cookie Dough! Don't You Want to taste them All? :D Let's See Which one you should try! ^-^

Make me a pizza and I shall eat it?

Are your pizza baking skills and preferences suitable for my refined palate? A disclaimer is that I made this quiz a year or two ago. But I just recently updated it so it was less cringe. With that out of the way, enjoy!

What Kind Of Baker are you?

This is inspired by the Great British Bake Off.

What Type of Knife are you?

What type of knife are you? Find out by taking this quiz, made as a sequel to my "What Type of Spoon are You?" quiz. Hope you guys enjoy it! And please don't take offense to any of the questions and/or answers, this is all made purely just for fun!
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