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Make a cake and ill give you an aesthetic

Hey everyone! This isn't super accurate it's just for fun! I would LOVE it if you left a comment I absolutely love positive feedback and I will respond. Check out some of my other quizzes and have fun. Share this quiz if you can I would appreciate it.

Do You Recognize these Brands?

Do you recognize these brands? Food, fashion, etc? Test your knowledge and found out!
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Choose Food Per Color, Get a Weird Designer Bag

pick some kawaii food of each color, then get an oddcore designer bag 🥯🥞🍔🥧🍩

Choose Outfits And I'll Give You A Japanese Dessert!

Hi again! I love doing quizzes so here is another one! I hope you enjoy it! I do not own any of the images, they belong to their rightful owners.

Eat your way through the quiz and I will give you an outfit

Title says it all. I do not own any of the images. BTW making this quiz made me extremely hungry so ima go eat. Meanwhile you can enjoy the quiz. Have funnnn!!

Pick some foods and I'll give you an outfit

You'll pick some foods and I'll give you an outfit! P.S.: You'll be given an outfit, but this doesn't mean it's your outfit style or clothing style. It's just an outfit I'd think you'd wear!

Build A Cake and I'll Give You an Outfit

Make a cake and I'll give you an outfit! It's all there in the title! Sorry it's short!

Meal Plan for the day and get an outfit

Plan your meals for the day and get an outfit

Pick some food and I'll give you an alternative outfit!

Pick some foods you like the most and I'll give you one alternative outfit to wear!
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