What Flavour is Your Happiness

This quiz will tell you the flavour of your happiness. Hope you have fun <3

Pick different colour themed outfits and ill give you an icecream flavour

Each question has 6 different outfits with the same color theme. Pick your fave/ the one you would wear and at the end ill give you your fave icecream flavour (not accurate)

Can You Guess The Ice Cream Flavour?

Can you guess the ice cream flavour from the picture? Some will be easy, some will be hard, and some will seem impossible!

Which Soda Pop Flavour Are You?

Which flavour of soda pop are you based on your answers?

What Flavor Milk are you

What Flavour Milk Are You. Chocolate Strawberry Banana Or Plain

What Flavour of Ice Cream Are You?

What flavour of ice cream are you? BTW this is just for fun don't be insulted if you didn't get what you wanted.

Which Wild Ice Cream Flavour Should You Try?

Ice cream - you can't beat it on a hot summer's day. Weird ice cream flavours are appearing all of the globe, so which wild ice cream flavour should you try?

What Pocky Flavour are you?

This quiz will tell you which delicious Pocky you are similar to!
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