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Can You Guess These Logos?

Can you guess these famous logos? Goes from easy to difficult. All picture credit to their rightful owner.

Food Wars! Test of Knowledge.

This quiz will test how well you know Food Wars! AKA Shokugeki No Soma!
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Guess the Pasta Noodles and Get an Italian Dessert to Try

How well do you know your pasta types and noodle shapes? Take this quiz to find out! Plus, get an Italian dessert to try based on how well you did!

Are you a picky eater?

- the higher the percentage: the less picky you are - the lower the percentage: the more picky you are - here is your energizer: 🍍

Test Your Cooking & Baking Knowledge

Hey, Back again with a another Quiz. This is a basic knowledge test about cooking and baking, hope you guys enjoy it. :) ~ Melo

Knowledge of Cupcakes

If there is a problem, I will be able to help! Thanks, ~ So Sweet

What ish tis Exotic Fruit or Veggie?

Do you people know your food? Well Good luck! You will need as much Good luck as you can get!

Guess the ice cream!

Guess these ice creams! Warning: This quiz could make you hungry

Foraging knowledge test

How much do you know about edible wild plants?

Can You Recognize These Types of Candy?

Can you recognize these types of candy without the wrapper? Find out in this 10 question quiz!

How much do you know about Fruits and Vegetables?

The ultimate quiz to test your knowledge about fruits and vegetables. And maybe have a little fun.

Food knowledge

Hi, this is the first fun quiz I ever did please injoy it if you do not injoy it it is okay I will try to make a better one UwU Hola, este es el primer cuestionario divertido que he hecho por favor en alegrarlo si usted no se alegra de que está bien voy a tratar de hacer uno mejor UwU

How well do u know your food?

Take the quiz too see how awesomely cool ur food skillz are :D
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