Which monster energy drink are you?

Discover which Monster Energy drink you are out of all the kinds I have tried. I will be updating this as I try new flavors so feel free to retake as many times as you feel fit.

What Monster Flavor are you?

See what monster flavor you are by answering a few questions about your personality.

What Monster Flavor Are You

Answer some questions and see which Monster Flavor you're most like

What energy drink are you?

Rockstar, Monster, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy [LAME], or Full Throttle?

Which Energy Drink are you?

Which high powered energy drink are you

What drink are you?

Mountain dew,coke/pepsi,sprite,monster,root beer,coffee,or dr pepper.

Monster, Rockstar, Red bull, or Throttle?

Just a short short quiz to find out what energy drink you are..Realllyyy easy to make yourself the drink you want.
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