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What Type Of Bread are you

Nothing like the scent and taste of freshly baked bread. Come over and see which variation of this staple food matches your personality. Whether you can knock someone out as a baguette or win someone's heart as a bun, find out yourself here.
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Do You Agree With These Popular Food Combinations?

People share different opinions when it comes to food, and that also comes to combining food. But the question here is, do you agree with these popular food combinations? Take this quiz to find out!

What Type Of Fast Food Is Best For You?

Fast food! It's something we've all had, and most of us all loved at one point in our lives! ♥ So I'm here to give you a list of what fast food is best for you and why. :) Please enjoy and be sure to drop a comment as well as a heart if it isn't too much trouble ♥♥

Which Harry potter boy put Hot-Sauce in your sandwich?

You take a bite of your sandwich and--oh, no! Someone put hotsauce in it! Tears roll down your cheeks from the pain, and your face is red-not from the pain, from the anger. Whodunnit?

Make a packed lunch, get a teddy

Food. We love food. Whether it’s a delicious sandwich, a sweet chocolate bar or some crispy crisps, food has become a huge part of our culture. In this quiz, you have the opportunity to make a yummy packed lunch and receive a random stuffed animal, each of them are adorable and colourful. Images are...

Order A Sub From Subway And I'll Give You A Puppy

Random but I was bored 😂 Take a trip to Subway, create a sandwich, win a pup!

Make a subway sandwich and get a cat!

Do you want a cat? Then take this quiz!🐱

Know Your Chicken Sandwich

Just a COMPLETELY random quiz! I was thinking about the hamburgers I always cook and chicken then BOOM! This came in mind! WARNING! THIS COULD MAKE YOU HUNGRY!

What Kind of Food are you?

Have you ever wondered what food fits you?

Make a sandwich

Make a sandwich and enjoy it. comment if you want anything more like this. (hate bcus Quotev wanted 2 answers)

What Super Sandwich are you?

Have you ever wondered which sandwich you resemble? No? Well, take this quiz anyway!

Make a Sandwich and Get a DOG!

Make a sandwich and get one of 8 adorable puppies!!!

What sandwich filling are you?

Which sandwich filling reflects on your personality?
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