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What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

Answer some random questions and see which Ice Cream flavor you're most like

What Fruit are you?

If you were a fruit, which one would you be? A fun, detailed quiz to let you know which fruit matches your personality!
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pick some pretty pictures and get a fruity dessert recipe

exactly as it sounds! pick whichever picture(s) you like most out of 9 sets and at the end you'll get a nice, relaxing recipe video for a tasty, fruit-based treat!

Would You Eat These Cakes?

Cake; a blessing to this world. It is one of my ultimate favorite foods, and many people enjoy it as much as I do. There are many popular cakes out there, all varying in their flavour or ingredients, so my question to you is: would you eat these cakes?

Which Ice Cream Flavor are you?

Find out which one of these 12 ice cream flavors suits you the best by answering only 16 questions! 🍨 *I do not own any images 🍧 *Result description was based on research ❄ *Made by .amyloid 🍦 Enjoy~! 💕 ✨ -Amy: Please don't hate on me if you don't like your result, this quiz was just fo...

Where were these foods invented?

Guess from a sort of food and try to guess where they came from; getting harder with each question. Or at least they should be getting harder.

What sweet are you?

Are you cupcakes, pick n mix, candy hearts or smarties?

What Ice Cream Flavor are you?

Pretty simple, answer my questions and you get to find out which ice cream flavor I think you are. Have fun! :)

What ice cream are you?

EEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAA! Is Cwem! *cough* I think I got a little to exited...

What Type Of Tasty Cupcake Is For You?

Cupcakes! ✨♥ The sweet treat no one can resist, wether you have a sweet tooth or not so I've decided to make a quiz about them. :) ♥♥♥ Results include red velvet cupcakes, chocolate chip, vanilla bean and strawberry shortcake cupcakes! ✨♥

Which cupcake are you?

This is a cute fun quiz that will tell you what cupcake goes best with your personality
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