Would You Eat These Cakes?

Cake; a blessing to this world. It is one of my ultimate favorite foods, and many people enjoy it as much as I do. There are many popular cakes out there, all varying in their flavour or ingredients, so my question to you is: would you eat these cakes?

What Ice Cream Flavor are you?

I don't even know how this makes sense, but it's fun to take so... yeah. lolz

Build Your Own Horrible Cake!

Most of these cakes I just don't like, but still you may think they are good! Have fun!

Which Ice Cream Flavor are you?

Find out which one of these 12 ice cream flavors suits you the best by answering only 16 questions! 🍨 *I do not own any images 🍧 *Result description was based on research ❄ *Made by .amyloid 🍦 Enjoy~! 💕 ✨ -Amy: Please don't hate on me if you don't like your result, this quiz was just fo...

Which type of cupcake are you?

I happen to make a cupcake quiz! I was scrolling through my feed and saw a quiz about that sweet fits you the best! so i decided to do a cupcake quiz! make sure to check my other stuff!!

What Ice Cream Flavor are you?

Pretty simple, answer my questions and you get to find out which ice cream flavor I think you are. Have fun! :)

What kind of cake are you?

Chocolate? vanilla? marble? find out what cake you are!

What ice cream are you?

EEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAA! Is Cwem! *cough* I think I got a little to exited...

What Type Of Tasty Cupcake Is For You?

Cupcakes! ✨♥ The sweet treat no one can resist, wether you have a sweet tooth or not so I've decided to make a quiz about them. :) ♥♥♥ Results include red velvet cupcakes, chocolate chip, vanilla bean and strawberry shortcake cupcakes! ✨♥

Which cupcake are you?

This is a cute fun quiz that will tell you what cupcake goes best with your personality

Are you Chocolate or Vanilla ?

Take this delicious test please 😁
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