What Soft Drink are you?

Find out what Soft drink you are based upon your personality facts.

Which Dessert/Sweet Treat Are You?

Yeah, there's 45 Results...I might've overdone it a bit, but let me know if I should add anything else, my devotion to sweets is unlimited. The results may not be accurate, but I did my best! Oh- and none of the images used are mine :P

Answer some questions and I'll give you an exotic dessert to try!

Ever wonder what kind of Dessert out there is just BEGGING to be eaten by you? If so, well, here ya go!

make a donut and get a cute cat stuffed animal

just the title, make a donut and get a cute cat stuffed animal. i hope you enjoy it!

Which Candy Or Chocolate Are You?

Which type of confectionary item are you? Take this quiz to find out! Includes food based questions and personality based questions to best suit you to the candy item or chocolate item you would be

Would You Eat This?

Here are famous dishes from around the world. BE WARNED: Some can be absolutely revolting. Do you have what it takes to try these foods? Take this quiz to find out! Note: Not responsible for any *ehem* weak stomach acciedents- THIS IS JUST FOR FUN :)

This Food Quiz Will Determine Which Country You Shouls Go On Holiday!

Choose some foods from this quiz and I will determine which country fits your pallate!

The food quiz!

Try my new food quiz its awesome!

The FOOD quiz

Which food is you out of tacos ice-cream vegetable cheese or meat

The Food Quiz!

Are you a picky eater, an adventurous eater or someone who will eat anything! Find out in this fun and random quiz made by me and my friend!
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