Pick an outfit and get a dessert!

Wanna find out what dessert you are? Here! Girls only! ;)

Cursed Food Shop Stop

Welcome to the Cursed Food Shop Stop! Here's $35. Use it wisely, and make sure you stick to the budget! Will you purchase these weird foods, or not? The choice is up to you!

Would You Eat This? (Korean Edition)

This is a Korean Edition of 'Would You Eat This?'

How Fat are you?

Are you fat? Are you THICC? Are you skinny? Take this quiz to find out!

Create an ice cream sundae and I'll give you the perfect dog breed.

Who else is making quizzes because they are bored? Also: Thank you, to the 2,000+ people who have taken this quiz, and the 27 people who gave this a heart. ✌

Make a Cake, Get a Pet

Because why not, I like these. Images are not mine, and most to all of the flavors are real.

Build a milkshake - learn something about yourself *hopefully*

Take the quiz, build a milkshake, learn something about your personality! *not necessarily true*

What type of junk food are you

Are you Fries, Ice- Cream, a Doughnut, or a Lolly Snake? I wonder what you are....

Choose some outfits and get a dessert.

Choose some outfits and get a dessert.[Note:- Images are not mine and the credits goes to rightful owners.]
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