What type of junk food are you

Are you Fries, Ice- Cream, a Doughnut, or a Lolly Snake? I wonder what you are....

Are you a Sweet Tooth or Junk Food person?

Just a little quiz to sate my curiosity. Meant purely for fun so take it for entertainment and hope you enjoy it!

What Chip Flavor are you?

I love food, you love food, he/she/they love(s) food. Especially junk food- specifically chips. There's a large variety and honestly, no one can for sure list all of the flavors. Maybe you can find your destined flavor.

Are you junk food for vampires

Is your blood like a Mcdonalds big mac to vampires?

Are you a Healthy Eater?

Essentially what the title says. I'm not a nutritionist at all, so if you want to improve your diet, I can only do so much!

What junk food are you?

Are you a deep and delicious pizza? Are you a chocolate kiss? Or maybe you're just plain, old vanilla ice cream? Take Sarah's own What Kind of Junk Food Are You? test!

What kind of junk food are you

Why try healthy new food when you could be fat and have fun! :P YEAH

Could you resist junk food?

I passed a McDonalds today and I wanted a McChicken so bad :( So then this quiz was born.

What kind of junk food are you?

Eating healthy is the need of the hour, eating foods that are not good for the body can also have bad effect on the body. There are many foods that are harmful to the body. Take the following quiz to see which junk food you are.

What Type of Food are you?

This is a quiz that will tell you what type of food you are!

What fast food restaurant are you?

This is a quiz that will determine what fast food restaurant you are! Enjoy! xxx

What type of chip are you?

This test will tell what flavor of potato chip you are! ^-^ Don't forget to comment, like, share and friend! ^-^
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