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What are you trying to distract yourself from?

Everyone has things they don't like to remember, or think about. Things they don't want to admit or realize. So, they try and distract themselves whenever the thought or topic comes up.

What Are you, anyway?

Other quizzes may tell you what color hair you have, your soul mate, or even your favorite food! This is simple: it tells you what you are.
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What are you at school?

Well if everyones saying your a boff or a poppular emo, goth, chav ect. heres how to find out!

What flavour of donut are you?

BTW this is my cousin, not me!! I'm teaching her how to publish on Quotev so BE NICE! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA.......

What fruit are you?

Full of entertaining questions, I Haven't done a quiz in a long while and I thought (why not!)

What kind of cookie are you?

Are you chocolatey, chewy, hard, fruity or something else? Find Out In The Quiz!

What are you The Masta Of?

Find Out What You Are The Master Of! XD

Which drink are you?

Are you a bubbly cola or a relaxed banana smoothie.

Pop Quiz

Ever wonder what kind of canned beverage you really are deep down?

What are you on the inside?

Are you emo? preppy? food-ocholic? druggy? surfer? freek? Take this quiz and soon you will find out! (GIRLS ONLY! SORRY! :()

What are you?

The results are all food items cause i love food. I hope you like this quiz..

What food are you

This quiz for anyone hope you enjoy

What sweet are you

I will try to help you find out what sweet are you. :)
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