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Who is your BTS babe?

Listen, this picture is my laptop background...so take the quiz. I also did research to make this as accurate as it could POSSIBLY get.

Which British Actor Is Your Soulmate?

We all have a thing for British actors. The accent, the class, everything... Find out who your ideal match is! 4 Englishmen, 1 Scot and 1 Irishman :)
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Does Your Crush Like You?

Have You Ever Wondered If Your Crush Likes You Back But Were Too Afraid To Ask? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Kiss, Marry, Kill (male celebrities)

Do you want to kiss people you don't know? Or even marry them? Maybe just murder them instead? Then this is the quiz for you!

How do you meet Sebastian Stan?

How you meet Seb, what your first interaction is like, how he asks you out. Maybe your first date and breakup/makeup if people want it. Longish results? (All results include reader x Seb) Warning: some results include language and mentions of violence/blood.

Are you in Love With Your Celebrity Crush?

Take this quiz to find out if you're infatuated with your favourite celeb hottie!

Kiss, Marry Or Kill: Celebrity Men Edition

The objective: Decide whether you want to kiss, marry or kill each celebrity male that appears. Upon conclusion you will receive a POV story about your perfect type and a POV style date with them! I have tried my best to be inclusive of men of all ages, backgrounds, careers and looks

Choose between these female celebrities to find out who would be your celebrity boyfriend/girlfriend

Please note : While choosing between the female celebrities, please don't get offended by the options or me asking you to choose a favorite and have fun !!

Your Life as a Celeb!

If you were a celebrity.... ✮ What would you be famous for? ✮ Who will you be married to? ✮ How many children will you have? ✮ What will you act like? AND MORE! ♬ Extended version ~ under construction thanks for your patience. ♬

Which celebrity is your boyfriend?

Take this quiz to see who your celebrity boyfriend is! All pictures are from pinterest

Who's your marvel boyfriend

Results: sebastian stan, chris evans, tom hiddleston

Kiss, Marry or Kill! Celebrity edition!

This is a quiz where you get to kiss, marry or kill celebrities!
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