Your Harry Potter Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Find out your harry potter soul mate !!!

Mha - Door game! (Boyfriend/Girlfriend addition)

Want to see who you MHA boyfriend/girlfriend is? See here!

Who is your BTS babe?

Listen, this picture is my laptop take the quiz. I also did research to make this as accurate as it could POSSIBLY get.

Which Avenger Loves You And Why?

Ever wondered which Avenger loves you, and more importantly why? (Includes Original Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a few assorted Asgardians. New Characters Coming Soon!) Please dont be offended if you don't get who you want! Enjoy!

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend: Long Results

I don't own these pics obviously. Long results, with pics of future babies, wedding details and outfits. All tumblr boys ♥
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