Seven Minutes In Heaven (BNHA)

So I finally completed making the seven minutes in heaven!There are four possible results!I hope you like it!! (≧▽≦)

Seven Minutes In Hogwarts Heaven GIRLS ONLY

(for the purpose of this Oliver Wood is in the year above the twins.) You are a girl in the year between the golden trio and the twins (you are in your fifth year). You are the first to stick your hand in to the bag and you pull out...

7 Minutes in Heaven with the HOGWARTS HOTTIES!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have seven minutes in heaven with one of the Hogwart's boys? Now you will know, who you are perfect for and if your HP crush likes you! YAY!

Harry Potter Seven Minutes in Heaven (Long Results)

The Weasley twins are throwing a secret party and start up a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Which Hogwarts hottie are you going into the closet with? (;

7 Minutes in Heaven ( Creepypasta )

It has Jeff, Slender, EJ, LJ, and Liu. I also added BEN drowned to the quiz so Enjoy!

Seven Interesting Minutes in Hogwarts Heaven

You are a sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It in somewhere in the middle of the year, just after Christmas and New Years. To celebrate the half way mark, the Weasley Twins throw a party for a few of the students. Of course, you knew... this wasn't going to end pretty.

7 Minutes In Heaven With The Avengers!

Seven Minutes In Heaven! Find out which male Avenger would get you - includes Bucky, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint and Loki. Enjoy!

Sans AU 7 minutes in heaven

In includes Classic Sans, Blueberry, Dream, Ink, and Night(good Nightmare)(Sanses and pics belong to their rightful owners)(out of my first 3 quiz’s this is probably the best😅)

Sally Face - 7 Minutes in Heaven

(Gender Neutral) I take you to a highschool party while you're visiting me in Nockfell and we play seven minutes in heaven with some random kids.

Bts Truth or Dare

Just a fun night with the boys. And love stories will emerge from that night.

Creepypasta 7 Minutes in Heaven (Long Results)

A Creepypasta 7 Minutes in Heaven quiz with a story in the result! Results will include: Jeff The Killer, Eyeless Jack, BEN Drowned, Masky, Hoodie, and Ticci Toby!

Seven Minutes In Heaven: Creepypasta

(!IM NOT DONE WITH MOST RESULTS! SORRY!) Answer truthfully. You could get: L.J, E.J, BEN, Slendy, Jeffy, or Hoodie.
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