What type of boy is perfect for you?

Create your dream boyfriend and I'll tell you which stereotype boy would be your perfect match-

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend: Long Results

I don't own these pics obviously. Long results, with pics of future babies, wedding details and outfits. All tumblr boys ♥

What zodiac sign would be your perfect match?

Credits to veryrealfantasy on Twitter for the art used in the results! Also, please note that someone's sun sign is not everything!! It's often more interesting to look at venus/mars signs for compatibility :))

Find Your Perfect Boy Type *according to kdrama*

Finding that special someone isn't always easy (and it certainly won't be as simple as my quiz!) but it's absolutely possible and one step closer towards finding Mr. Right is knowing what you want and maybe even more importantly, what you don't want. So step right up, don't delay...

Zodiac sign of your perfect lover

Find the zodiac sign of your soulmate/perfect lover. The zodiac sign that you get, is the one you will have the best relationship with ^_^

Could you be the perfect match for timothée chalamet?

Would you guys hit it off? // btw I’m only doing this quiz because I’m a really big fan of him and because I know there are a lot of people who like/love him who might wanna know if they’re compatible with him. (And because I couldn’t find any other quiz involving him) enjoy? If you don’t know who h...

Plan your perfect date and I'll reveal your Valentine! *male results*

I made a quiz with female results as well, so don't worry :) This quiz has characters from multiple fandoms, so enjoy haha None of the images or characters in this quiz are mine.
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