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Your Hogwarts Boyfriend//Long Results

Who would be your boyfriend at Hogwarts? Suitable for BOYS AND GIRLS! Take the quiz and share your results and opinions, I'd love to hear from you ♥

Your Hogwarts Story(Lots of Results!)

Ever wonder what your life would be like if you went to Hogwarts? I do all the time, so naturally, I made a quiz about it. There are 20 questions and 10 different results in total(They're all female but don't let that bother you). This is my first quiz ever so if you take it, I mean thanks f...
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Which creepypasta loves you? (long results)

Find out your creepypasta boyfriend/girlfriend. Results for both girls and boys (LGBTQ+ friendly, too!) 17 creepypasta results!

Harry Potter Seven Minutes in Heaven (Long Results)

The Weasley twins are throwing a secret party and start up a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Which Hogwarts hottie are you going into the closet with? (;

Who is Your Yandere Boyfriend? *Long Results*

Ever wonder who your Yandere Boyfriend is? Take this fun quiz to find out! Includes a story description at the end!

Who is your Hogwarts Boyfriend?

We all wish the boys at Hogwarts were real. Let’s pretend they are, just for a moment, and discover who you would date! (Long results!)

HP life (long results)

Please don’t be harsh this is my first quiz.Girls only.Story is still in the making.Boyfriends include Harry,Ron,Fred/George,and Draco

Who Is Your Creepypasta Boyfriend? *Long Results*

A quiz determining who your Creepypasta boyfriend would be! The results will include a series of scenarios. Results include: Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, and Ticci Toby.

Realistic Create A boyfriend (VERY LONG RESULTS+PICS)

FOR GIRLS AND BOYS! Create your own boyfriend, very long results :) thanks so much for taking! Includes when you first met and first date and kiss! If theres no pics it's just because my computer hates me. This took me a week to make! Thanks Again!

Your avengers life (long results)

(GIRLS ONLY; LONG RESULTS) (Results include: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner and Thor) I've taken many Avengers quizzes and I finally make this quiz because I really love this kind of quiz. This is my first quiz I ever made and English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistake!

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend: Long Results

I don't own these pics obviously. Long results, with pics of future babies, wedding details and outfits. All tumblr boys ♥

Who would your Hogwarts boyfriend be? *Marauders Era*

Be there for them, and they will be there for you. *I didn't include Pettigrew and I think we all know why*

Your Life in Camp Half-Blood (Long Results)

Never asked yourself what would your life in Camp Half-Blood would look like? Well this Quizz has the answer, with your Godly Parent, your boyfriend, How you came to camp Half-Blood, What is your favorite weapon, etc. I hope you enjoy it! And I don't own any of the pictures!:)

Your Avengers High School Prom (Roleplay, Long Results, Accurate)

Prom has finally arrived in the Avengers High School and you have so many things going on in your mind! What are you going to wear? How will the night be evolved and most importantly, who are you going to go with? Spend your day with the Avengers High School students and find it out...

Your Mythical Boyfriend (really long results)

I've taken a lot of these lately so thought I would give it a go.

Which Countryhuman would be your boyfriend? (Male results only)

Okay admit it you want to date a countryhuman. No shame in that, however, each country has different personalities and tastes. This includes 18 different countries, including historical ones. This includes male results only, but both guys and girls can take it. I might make one with female results i...
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