Your Mythical Boyfriend (really long results)

I've taken a lot of these lately so thought I would give it a go.

Who's Your Monster Boyfriend?

Fangs, claws, horns- All just a part of the perfect boyfriend. When humans are too much, run away to find a monster who loves you for who you are.

Your supernatural date

Have you wondered what mythological monsters you would date? Then wonder no more! Take this quiz and find out.

Your Wolf Mate My Possessive Alpha Mate !Longish results!

If you haven't read my book that's cool this is just a quiz that links to it. If you haven't read my book, lowkey go read it now hahah. but it still makes sense if you haven't, welcome and please enjoy! Find out who your soul mate it by taking this quiz, you'll find a series of q...

Your Dream Mythical Boyfriend

LONG DETAILED RESULTS. For boys and girls :) Angel, Fallen Angel, Vampire, Werewolf. It took me a couple of days to write this and it's my first quiz so enjoy :)

Who watches you?

A ghost, a loved pet, an angel, maybe a vampire...? Find out who secretly needs you...

My Mythical Boyfriend

Who is your fated lover? The sarcastic, flirtatious vampire? The protective, warm werewolf? The party-loving, sexy warlock? Or the sweet, loyal ghost? (Long results)

Your TVD Life (long results)

Have your own character made just for you. It includes friends, boyfriend, enemies and family.

Mythical Boyfriend (Long result Quiz)

Come take this quiz and find out who Supernatural boyfriend you have with this personality quiz. You can get a Ghost, vampire, Angel, Hunter, Witch or a Wolf. Good luck.

Create Your Mythical Boyfriend *Long Results*

The title describes most. There are Demons, Vampires, and Werewolves. You and your boyfriends personalities might be opposite, just a warning. Enjoy! (This is also my first quiz so sorry is its bad)

Your Life As A Vampire In Twilight

What is your power? Who is your boyfriend? What are you in the vampire world? Will you have a happy ending? I would say girls n' gay guys only but you know...I don't care if you're a straight guy and want to take it go ahead!
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