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Answer the Phone

Your phone sits idle on the table, supposedly untouched from the night before. But it won't stop ringing. It's bad social etiquette to not respond to someone when they call but, really, how badly can they take it if you let it go to voicemail a couple times?

SCP: Anomaly of Obsession

A new SCP has been contained by the Foundation and its anomalous properties have staff scrambling to hide themselves. When all of the places to take cover are full to capacity, where will you be when the warhead detonates?
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Yandere Boyfriend Matchmaker!

Are you looking for a boyfriend? Well maybe I can help with that! I happen to know a few single men that might be just the thing you're looking for! Though I should probably warn you, they have their quirks.

Who is Your Yandere Boyfriend? *Long Results*

Ever wonder who your Yandere Boyfriend is? Take this fun quiz to find out! Includes a story description at the end!

A happy ending isn’t free part 7

For most of your life you were treated poorly but you where finally freed and ready to start a new life in a new place. Will your new life be what you dreamed about or will it be what you had nightmares about?.

What Yandere Simulator Male Rival Likes You!

Come one, come all, to see what yandere sim male rival likes you!! This can be a boy x boy or boy x girl, it is for everyone!! XD

Are you a Yandere or a Senpai?

Just a stupid quiz i made for no reason... Like plz.

The Kings [Yandere Males]

"[y/n], there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You're free now. You can do whatever you wish, whatever you please. Just stay with me, and all will be well. Isn't that wonderful~?" This is my first yandere quiz and honestly, its kind of like a probing to see which ideas and char...

Who is your royal Yandere?

In a society full of wealth and beauty, who will fall absolutely enamored with you?

Your Yandere Boyfriend quiz!

Find out which Yandere wants to be your boyfriend with this quiz!!!

Dream Partner or Yandere?

Welcome to Deyan Industries! At our global facilities, we aim to help make you the happiest version of you possible by creating the very person you've been dreaming about, from the complexities of their personality to the very minute details, like how many freckles they have on their cheeks. So,...

To Have A Yandere Boyfriend or To Not? (1)

Enjoy my first quiz in which you shall answer several questions in order to determine whether or not you've got a yandere after you!

My yandere ex boyfriend : part 1 (roleplay)

My rp yandere not as good as others but I've tried my best, so I hope you will like it :>
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