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Hogwarts life (long results)

Ever wanted to discover your Hogwarts life? ever wanted to know how you got with your crush? I'm sorry if you didn't get what you wanted but hey i tried...

Your Princess Dress

What dress would you have as a princess, Disney or otherwise? ENJOY 🌺💦
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Your Life as a Disney Princess

If you were a Disney Princess, what fairytale would you live in? What would you wear? What animal would be your sidekick? Would you meet a prince? Find out here 🧚🏼‍♀️🌸

What Fictional World do you belong in

Take a quiz to find out what Fictional world you are best suited in. includes Narnia, Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Peter Pan, Lord of The Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Star Wars.

What Pop Culture Archetype Are You ?

The results bring together all types of characters in films, series and comics. There is something for everyone, so enjoy !

Who is your true love from The Hobbit?

Get a soulmate from the Hobbit based on your answers and the pictures you choose. Results include descriptions of your background and relationship, and multiple different outfits for each answer (outfits mostly not "accurate to canon"). Pretty long results. All results are male. I just made ...

Which Kingdom do you belong in?

Where do you belong in the 10 Kingdoms? Please leave comments and suggestions for me! Thank you!

Who Are You in a Fairytale?

Are you the dreamy and idealistic princess? The helpful fairy? Or maybe the witch, lurking in the woods? Find out by answering these eight questions! 🧚🏼‍♀️

If you were an Avenger... (Longish results)

What if you had what it took to be an Avenger? Find out who you are and how you did it here.

who’s your harry potter best friend?

i was bored, so i made this. enjoy losers! :) (not accurate at allllllll) like bish when i took this quiz, i got percy, mf-

Identify the Harry Potter Character by Their Eyes (pt 2)

You may be a Harry Potter trivia expert, but can you identify all of these characters by only their eyes? (Part 2)

What is your role in the Star Wars universe?

Ever wondered what your role would be if you were in Star Wars? Come on and find out!
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