Your Avengers life!

Ever thought how would your life be if you were in Marvel universe? Let's find out. Includes all the Avengers, plus Loki and Winter Solider. This quiz is for females. VERY LONG RESULTS! ♥

What Pop Culture Archetype Are You ?

The results bring together all types of characters in films, series and comics. There is something for everyone, so enjoy !

Can You Name All Of These Marvel Characters?

This quiz will test your knowledge on how much you know the Marvel characters. This quiz consists of many of my favourite and yours. Hope you enjoy!! Thanks!!

Could you be part of the Avengers?

If you’re a fan of the MCU, you may have thought about being a part of the Avengers before, or if you would be allowed onto the team at all. Now with the help of this quiz you can find out for yourself!

Which X-Men Character Are You?

I’m gonna try to figure out which X-Men character you’re most like. This includes hero’s and villains, but obviously I’m not able to include every single character in this quiz. Enjoy!

What Supernatural Power suits you?

Ever wondered what supernatural ability you have? telekinesis, Supersenses,Healing/regeneration, Teleportation, Darkness and/or shadows, Nature, or Invisibiliy? Which one would you have?

Are you a SHIELD agent or a HYDRA agent?

This is a story based mission to test the psychological profile of new recruits. We have organized 13 questions to ascertain which faction suits you. The final question is the hardest.
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