Would you survive Thanos Snap?

Do YOU have what it takes to survive the deadly finger snap of Thanos... well there is only one way to find out.. By taking this quiz!!"

Would you survive the Whitespikes?

This is from the movie The Tomorrow War! There will be spoilers for people who haven’t watched the movie. Now go ahead and enjoy the quiz :)

Do you survive the Thanos snap?

Do you have what it takes to survive Thanos' snap or will you turn to dust?

Would You Survive in a Horror Movie?

Hello humans. Welcome to this wonderful quiz. This quiz will determine whether you'll survive in a horror movie. Maybe you'll survive, maybe you won't. Maybe you're a murder. You'll never know unless you take this quiz.

Would you survive in a horror movie ? + free therapy

We all watch movies and think that the characters are kinda dumb when it comes to survival. The real question is, how would YOU survive in the same conditions ?

Will you survive doctor strange

Will you survive doctor strange , this takes place doing the doctor strange movie, is unfinished currently

Could you survive IT?

Could you survive the evil Pennywise the shape shifting clown or would he lead you right to your end? Teleport yourself to Derry, Maine, and into those sewers to find out! Background info on IT: IT is a book created by author Stephen King who gave us such classics as the shining, pet semetary &...

Will you be killed by Michael Myers?

This test will help you see if you will survive michael myers , if he ever comes back to life and starts chasing you.

Would you survive the Look-see?

All in title. Hopefully not many people get YES because only one person survives in the movies...

Would you survive the hunger games?

Are you brave enough to survive? Take this quiz to test your survival knowledge and see if you would survive the hunger games. Will you bravely fight off your competitors? or die in a ditch on the first day. Only one way to find out, by taking this test.
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