What Fictional World do you belong in

Take a quiz to find out what Fictional world you are best suited in. includes Narnia, Maze Runner, Percy Jackson, Peter Pan, Lord of The Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Star Wars.

what reality do you really belong in?

what reality do you belong in? hmmmm... click here to find out! (not all realties included. just the ones i know pls don't get mad!)

Training scores quiz

Do this if you are a tribute in my book, the 83rd interactive hunger games! You can do this if you aren’t, but your result will not be regarded. Also, if you aren’t coming from that, please consider joining it.

Which fandom universe do you belong in?

Ever wondered which fandom universe you belonged in? This quiz contains the universes of Harry Potter, Narnia, the Hunger Games, the Maze Runner, Star Wars, Marvel, and Twilight. (And the cover image is my original meme.)

Would you survive the hunger games?

Are you brave enough to survive? Take this quiz to test your survival knowledge and see if you would survive the hunger games. Will you bravely fight off your competitors? or die in a ditch on the first day. Only one way to find out, by taking this test.

The ultimate fandom quiz... dare to take it?

(You will be shown silhouettes of famous characters from the most popular franchises. Can u guess which franchise the silhouettes belongs to?)

What is your mythical job?

Are you a wizard, a time lord, a contestant in the hunger games or something else? (Note: This quiz is not only made up of mythical characters from books. Some are from t.v. shows, musicians, and movies!)

Which Fandom Do You Belong In? GIRLS ONLY!!

What fandom do you belong in? Harry Potter, Marvel, Hunger Games, Narnia, and Star Wars. Sorry if your favorite fandom isn’t here, these are my favorites. Girl Results.

What book should you read next after the Hunger Games

If you have read the Hunger Games and loved it so much that you think there is never going to be a series better than it, your wrong. Take this quiz to find out what book you should read next after the Hunger Games. I hope you like it 😃
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